qjail does not work on DragonflyBSD

@asya_aoi1049 on Tue Jan 08 2019
2.1 min


Installed jqail by pkg, but qjail does not work.

What’s happen?

My DragonflyBSD is 5.2-RELEASE, can use pkg command.
When installing qjail, command was failed.

$ sudo pkg install qjail
Error: The Host is running 5.2-RELEASE.
This version of qjail only runs on 11.0-RELEASE or newer.
qjail4-4.9 version is the last qjail version to handle the
10.x release series.


pkg’s qjail is not used on DragonflyBSD yet because qjail deal with freebsd only.
In qjail code remains freebsd’s code at col:1897 and so on.
If commenting out at col:1897, qjail gets base.txz from http://ftp2.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases/${release}/base.txz. ${release} has DragonflyBSD’s version 5.2-RELASE.

Only use traditional jail…
reference: Dragonflybsd - jail